This Is How UG SRC Is Looking Out For Students’ Safety During Exam Period


Lectures are officially over and today starts the revision week, which means almost every student will be busy getting last minute notes and staying up very late to study. Sometimes, these late night sessions are far away from your hall because you need some specific special someone who’s not in your hall to help you understand a particular topic.

Over the years, it’s been really common hearing stories of thefts at odd hours during revision and exams periods. This is why the SRC has put certain measures in place to make sure that your revision week to the end of examinations is a safe and stress-free one.

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  • The SRC has ensured that there would be heightened security presence at vantage points on campus, coupled with intermittent patrols by the University Security.
  •  Repairs of street lights on major roads and footpaths where students mostly use have started, so that students can now walk all the way from main campus to the diaspora after that group discussion without worrying about thieves lurking in the bush.
  • We all know at this time, the 24hr Reading Room on campus will be filled to capacity. Good news guys! You don’t have to carry your pillows and blankets with you; halls that close their doors at 12am will grant entry access to students who come back to their halls after 12am, provided they show their ID cards.
  • A support line has also been made available for students to call at any time on all matters of security and related matters.  Just call 030 397 5594 if you find yourself in any form of trouble. Save the number!!!
  • End of lectures does not mean shuttles have stopped working. The shuttles will continue to operate on weekdays and once the exams start this weekend, the shuttles will be available on Saturdays and Sundays for use by students who would have papers on either of these days.

Now, even though the SRC is helping us out, we have to do our part too right?

  • So, don’t be a loner at these times in particular. Move in groups; find a friend you can go study with and walk back to your room with.
  • Don’t be walking around at 2am swinging your iPhone 7 at the world, texting friends at the same time hugging your laptop to your chest. It literally screams “hey look at me!! I have so many nice gadgets come and take them! I don’t really need them!!”

Just keep them in a bag and pull them out when you get to your room.

  • Lock your doors before leaving the hall, even if it’s just for a short period of time or just a trip to the kitchen. You’d be surprised, students are also lurking looking for laptops and phones to steal.
  • Close your windows when you go to sleep. Someone can cut open the net and reach over for your phone or scout the room for a better plan next time.

We know these times are tough, stressful and dangerous as well, so be safe, Kuulpeeps and start cramming cos your GPAs are counting on you!!






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