Robert Mugabe Has Been Given 24 Hours To Resign

Robert Mugabe

Kuulpeeps, the old man has stayed for too long and now his own allies are turning against him.

We have been updating you on all of President Robert Mugabe’s troubles in Zimbabwe.

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Yes, he is still the President of Zimbabwe, though he has been put under house arrest by the country’s military.

Since the Military took over the administration of the country, which they don’t regard as a coup detat, there has been mounting pressure on Bob to resign into a dignified retirement.

Yesterday, there was a massive demonstration in Harare, the capital of Zimbabwe and other smaller towns and city – all of which were directed at Bob to resign.

Today, Mugabe’s political party has voted to recall him as their president and they have directed him to resign as President of the Zimbabwe by 12 noon local time – that’s 10 AM, Ghanaian time.

If by this time, he has not resigned, ZANU PF, the political party has threatened to start processes to impeach him as President of Zimbabwe.

In Mugabe’s place, Zimbabweans want the dismissed Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa to act as President.

Zimbabwe, Emmerson Mnangagwa

Meanwhile, with all these going on, Grace Mugabe, the woman believed to have brought this on her husband, has reportedly fled to neighbouring Namibia.

She too has been ousted from the ZANU PF political party. In addition to being the First Lady, she was also the head of the ZANU PF’s women wing. Many believed that she wanted to succeed her husband as the President of Zimbabwe.


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