VIDEO: This 25-Year-Old Quit His GHS 54,000 A Year Job Because “It Didn’t Feel Right”

Kwaku Darko

Kuulpeeps, just in case you have a job which pays you $1,000 a month, would ever you quit it just to embark on an exploring Ghana trip?

Whatever your answer is, this Kuulpeep doesn’t give two ways about what you have to say.

Kwaku Darko did it. He quit his job to travel around Ghana because his job “didn’t feel right.”

Kwaku Darko

Guy…. It pays you $1,000 (GHS 4,500; that’s GHS 54,000 a year) you just need to suck it up and just get through it; one month at a time.

But of course, Kwaku is no regular guy and he didn’t come to play, charley.

When we heard his story, it just didn’t add up. We know this is very common in the US and Europe where people pack up and travel the world, but not in this our Ghana economy.

This is as bougie as it comes and it’s so anti-Ghanaian…lol..

You know, we’re curious and we needed to know what the real deal is, so we hit him up while he was on his trip for a little Q&A.

He was so generous and made a video for us.

Kwaku Darko

We started off by asking him what he did for a living.

Kwaku: I am a creative director. I do a bit of product design, motion graphic, graphic design. I call myself a creative. Any work you want to market and stuff like that, I can work on the creatives for you.

Kuulpeeps: So, at which point did you decide to quit your job and go on an exploration mission?

Kwaku: Because it didn’t feel right. My job didn’t feel right for me. I felt guilty for ignoring my conscience’s voice. The corporate world was a hamster wheel, a never-ending community of serving someone’s dream in order to build yours someday. The question “when are you gonna stop this and find yourself? What was the push to this action?” kept coming back at me. So, I tendered in my resignation and that was it.

Kuulpeeps: You know what… we still don’t get you. What exactly do you want to explore?

Kwaku: Exploring Ghana is not all about travelling around from top to bottom. In my way, it’s interacting with the people in it, people’s opinions, their take on life; that’s what exploring is all about to me.

Kuulpeeps: Hold up, we are guessing you’re in a relationship, did your girlfriend approve this? You know, the part where you quit your job and elope?

Kwaku: I am in a relationship. Lol. She was totally skeptical about it, but she trusts my instincts and decisions. She is fine now. She didn’t like it but I called her after I submitted my resignation letter and she was ok with it. She didn’t freak out or anything.

Kuulpeep, you know what… we’re still trying to figure this guy out. Go on and click on the YouTube video below and check out our full Q&A with Kwaku.

He talked about his budget and how he even cleared out his bank account just for this exploration trip… Jezoz!


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