5 Types Of People You’d Meet At Every Graduation

Graduation legon

It’s graduation time again and Legon is all hyped up celebrating its last batch of yearly graduands. If you’re reading this and you made it on the graduation list then CONGRATULATIONS!  Which one of these types of graduands do you fall under?

First Classers

These ones can easily be identified. Glasses? Check. Solemn look? Check. First class ribbon? Check!!!!

Gown perchers

These ones are usually the ones who didn’t make it on the graduation list because… resits. They probably haven’t told their parents they aren’t making it this year so they’d pick a day unsuitable for anyone and come and do la borrow for a photoshoot. They are the ones who flood their social media pages with pictures and #4yearsnobejoke.

It takes a village…

It’s obvious to spot them. They come with their whole village, plastic chairs and ice chests and celebrate their child. Doesn’t matter if he or she’s graduating with just a pass. All that matters is that there’s a graduation.

Graduation Slay Queens 

You know them. Face caked with makeup, clothes too tight, nails too long and heels too high. Stop wondering cos they are not graduating with first class. Bebree naaa y3 pass.

The Emotional Ones 

We totally understand these ones. Lord knows four years of playing hide and seek with resits is never easy. So cry on baby, shout ‘Jeezoz is Lord’ because you made it.

Congratulations Kuulpeeps, you’re finally graduates and…welcome to the real world.



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