UG SRC President Has Denied Embezzlement Accusations And Provided Proof Of His innocence


Yesterday claims that the SRC President had embezzled some funds was all over campus.

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Students were shocked and outraged at the news and could not wait to hear the SRC’s side of the story. The SRC did release a communique where they nullified the claims of the General Assembly setting up a commission of enquirer into the case.

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The executives of the UG SRC and the former USAG President, Emmanuel Kwarteng were hosted on Radio Univers, the Legon campus-based radio station, to set the record straight and make the student body know the SRC’s side of the story.

Daniel Otting Awuah, the UG SRC President stated that the amount he paid into the USAG account was GHᴄ 25,000 and not GHc18,000 as alleged.

Daniel Otting, EOCO

He made it clear that he received a letter from USAG which stated that they were to take an amount of GHc 1 per student instead of the already known 50 pesewas and the account number USAG asked him to pay the money into is the same as the original receipt meaning he did not in any way, dupe USAG or create a secret bank account as alleged by Mr Daniel Obeng.

Moses Baafi Acheampong, the SRC Vice-president also explained the real reason why the Dean of students called for the removal of the deputy speaker of the General Assembly, Paa Kwesi Schandorff. He explained that it was because the deputy speaker had deferred his course which disqualified him from occupying the position he already held which is why they, the executives, did not want to be part of an Assembly that did not follow the right procedures.


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