This Uber Driver Will Never Ever Forget This Trip

Any time we write something bad about Uber, it’s either for bad service, or an Uber driver just annoying their customer.

This story you’re about to read is not one of those Uber bashing stories…

It’s far from that. It all started when one Uber driver picked up a customer.

Sit back…

“This lady picked me from Oyarifa to Airport this morning when I was on my normal Uber job. I was very happy from the start because I knew the traffic we were going to get into and that will make her fare double or even triple,” writes the Uber driver on Facebook.

He continues, “Guys I gave her the best services. I played Gospel and switched to RnB and later came to the fresh hits. Gave her full AC, something that even when I’m in the car alone kraa I don’t turn on the AC.”

On top of it, I gave her free WIFI. On the way she made me go through East Legon so she could purchase some stuff. I was extremely excited because the fare will keep increasing. Little by little, we got to Airport and the speed and strength I used in carrying her bags eehh like I was a kayayoo. I ended the trip and wooow it was 72Gh. In my head, I was like since she’s travelling I’m pretty sure she’ll give me all her cedis left.

Hmmmmmmmmmm this lady reached her bag and she couldn’t find her money. Herh madam, don’t play with my life this morning (saying in my head) she emptied her bag onto the car seat and still not even coins. All of a sudden the smile on my face vanished like CASTRO. She then reached into her laptop bag and brought out this 30Rands South African money and said I’m very sorry I don’t have cedis on me and I’m late now so please have this money and change it. It’ll cover the fare and YOU CAN KEEP THE CHANGE she added.”

The story didn’t end there, “Brothers and sisters, another smile from nowhere just landed on my face. I quickly drove to the nearest Bureau to change the money and see. This sexy money you see here is just 9.15Ghc.”

What would you do if you were in this Uber driver’s situation?

Here is what he has planned to do…

“Yehowa I just picked a South African sakawa lady. Herh I’ll curse this woman basaaaa. I’m crying inside me while I’m typing. My fuel kraa is almost finished. Oh God, this early Monday morning? . What pains me kraaa was when she said I can keep the change.”

Even Uber drivers are victims of fraudulent people.


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