This Ɔdadeɛ Ashesi Student Is Changing The Status Quo In The Beads Industry

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Hey Kuulpeeps!!!

I don’t know about you. But do you have guys on your campus who make amazingly beautiful beads?

We just got introduced to Emmanuel Laryea at KNUST.

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Now, allow us to introduce you to a gentleman on the Ashesi campus who makes some of the most stylish beaded bracelets and chains. He is 6″2 but sadly ladies… He is business focused. He is also a proud Ɔdadeɛ. He is none other than Francis Ameyaw.


Francis Ameyaw is an Ashesi University student and a proud member of the class of 2019. He is a Business Administration major and very good at Accounting. He interned with Ernst and Young Ghana in summer 2016 and 2017. He loves fashion and is also a great cook.

Kuulpeeps Ashesi: Hello!!! Mr. Beads maker

Ameyaw: Hi Kuulpeeps….


Kuulpeeps Ashesi: Hey… We are curious. How long have you been making branded beads?

Ameyaw: It’s been almost a year since I started making branded beads. 12 months of an amazing experience I’d say.

Kuulpeeps Ashesi: What inspired you to enter such a female dominated industry?

Ameyaw: I love beads a lot and I got the inspiration from my mom. Every time we go out for an event, she rocks her beaded bracelets and chains. That’s why I decided to start making beads for the ordinary Ghanaian.

Kuulpeeps Ashesi: So, tell us… what goes into making branded beaded bracelets?

Ameyaw: Just the beads. (Laughs) I used to make customized ones, where you get to have your name on the bracelets. But that one had its setbacks. So I’m currently focusing on making bracelets with just beads. High quality affordable attractive beads.

Kuulpeeps Ashesi: Do your beads collection have a name?

Ameyaw:  My beads collection does have a name. It is called “Gina and Lysa Beads”.


Kuulpeeps Ashesi: Why these female names? We were expecting some Francis Beads or something.

Ameyaw: (Laughs) I chose Gina and Lysa because they are the two most important women in my life. Lysa is my sister and Gina is my mom, so I decided to name it after them. It wasn’t an attempt to hide my identity.

Kuulpeeps Ashesi: What has been the reception of your beads?

Ameyaw: People actually love it. Especially the designs, and the detailing that goes into the making of these beautiful Ghana made beads.

Gina and Lysa Beads


Kuulpeeps Ashesi: What is the future of Gina and Lysa Beads?

Ameyaw: The dream I have for this brand is to expand it to the extent that it is worn by every ordinary Ghanaian, and for it to be a household name. With time, I plan to elevate the Gina and Lysa brand to heights higher. I am inspired by brands like Abrantie and Cedi Beads Industry so I want to make them proud by doing a lot better than what they are doing now.

Kuulpeeps Ashesi: We wish you the best, Ameyaw. Thanks for spending time with us.

Ameyaw: Thanks a lot, Kuulpeeps.

Kuulpeeps, Y’all could rock these to lectures.


Aren’t they lovely?? They are perfect for any occasion.



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