This Is What EL Did After Berla Mundi Tweeted That She Needed A Bae To Rub Her Back Every Morning

Kuulpeeps, EL is out there trying to be Berla Mundi’s man.

Yeah, we know all those previous rumours that alleged that the two were dating. It turned out that it wasn’t true.

But then now, it seems the “PayLikeABoss” hitmaker wants to get that girl.

Why are we saying that?

You see, Berla Mundi said she is tired of being single and that she needs a bae to…

Never mind… Just check out her tweet below:

After she sent this tweet, your man EL, who is preparing for his BAR 4 concert on 25th November, said “Yo Girl, look no further… I’m here. I’ll be your man and I don’t mind rubbing your back every morning before work”.

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EL didn’t say all that but this emoji quote tweet did more than that.

EL, Berla Mundi


EL is an Ɔdadeɛ and many believe they are a bunch of ‘jons’ so yeah social media also took him to the cleaners.

Then after a fan hit Berla Mundi up that EL would like to be her bae, Berla wasn’t feeling it.

Berla Mundi, EL

Yo EL, just ask her out already…


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