You Won’t Wanna Miss The Playmates Party

PlayMates is a pool party that’s been happening for the past three years, so if you haven’t heard of this party, you’ve been missing out big time.

Just as always, SunsetMultimedia, is setting up PlayMate.

This year’s party will be happening at the PlayMate Mansion in Abelenkpe.

Right from the fun packed moments like the games which happen in and around the pool, to the mind blowing performances from some upcoming great talents and artistes, it promises to be a fun day.

It’s also a good time to meet old friends who come through from the various campuses, neighborhoods and offices and a time to make some new ones *wink*.

DJ Lord will be there to give you all the best tunes and hits.

PlayMates has always gone down in great style and litness and this year’s edition wouldn’t be of any retrogression. It’s going to be bigger, better and more lit this year.


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