How To Wear Your Legon Graduation Gown The Right Way

Legon graduation

Graduations are super special days after your matriculation, of course. It’s basically the day you get to shed some few tears and scream “mama we made it!” because Lord knows just how difficult and stressful University can be. Plus there’s  nothing more satisfying than flooding your social media pages with pictures of you in the gown with your 101 hashtags.

So in order not to disgrace yourself, here’s how to wear the graduation gown like the graduand you are!

The academic regalia is made up of a gown, a hood and a mortarboard also known as the cap.

Step 1: Put on the gown

The gown is the loose outer garment, which is typically black (Crimson for doctoral graduands). The gown should be worn with the kente stole facings aligned below the collarbone and not overlapping. Wear it over a formal and decent outfit.


Step 2: Put on the hood. 

The hood should be worn with the hood part to the back and the tapering part (neckband) to the front of your gown, around the neck.

You may secure the neckband in place with a safety-pin. Gentlemen should note that a tie goes over the face of the hood


The hood has an inner lining of satin (yellow for Bachelors’ and white for Masters’)- this should not be fully exposed.  The cowl of the hood hangs against the back in a fold which exposes just the edge of the hood lining.

Wearing the gown Wearing the gown

Step 3: Put on your cap or mortarboard.

It has two tapered edges. The cap should be worn with the smaller tapered side (furthest from the purple label) towards the front of your face (above your forehead). The tassel attached to the cap should be worn on the right side before the degree is conferred and afterwards shifted to the left the moment the degree is awarded.

Gentlemen should note that cap must be removed on stepping up stage for hand shakes.

Please note that Graduands are required to wear gowns strictly appropriate to their degrees/diplomas, as follows:

* Doctorate Degrees  – Crimson Gown, appropriate hood & cap
* MPhil, MFA, EMBA, MBA, MA, MSc, EPM, MPA, MHIBlack Gown with White and Black Kente Stole facing, hood and cap
* Bachelor of Arts/ Science/ Public Health/Fine ArtsBlack Gown with Yellow & Black Kente Stole facing, hood and cap
*Bachelor of Medicine & Bachelor of Surgery, Bachelor of Dental SurgeryBlack Gown with Red and Black Kente Stole facing, hood and cap
* Bachelor of LawsBlack Gown with Purple & Black Kente Stole facing, hood and cap
* Non-DegreeBlack Gown with cap (without hood)


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