UPDATE: UCC’s Alleged 50-Year-Old Gay Man Was Reportedly Set Up


In a sad twist of events that led to the assault of a 50-year-old gay man mistaken for a thief, Kuulpeeps.com gathers that the man was set up by the student he had been pursuing.

The student had grown tired of the man’s persistent requests for a meet-up. He had merely consented to the meetup but had determined that would be the first and the last they would ever have to, a source tells Kuulpeeps.

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We further gathered that together with his roommates, they had devised a ‘’set up and shame’’ meeting where on arrival, the roommates would shame the man by hooting at him.

On that day, the roommates were not immediately available and the unsuspecting man started his unwarranted sexual advances by stripping himself almost naked. The stunned student called for help and almost immediately his roommates and floor mates came to his aid.

Meanwhile, the management of the hall is tight-lipped and has declined to comment on the issue. It’s not clear whether the students involved will be sanctioned.


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