UEW’s Rama Believes Your Skin Is Important And Here’s How To Love It

It is no news that there are different shades of the black skin and you might even know your shade, yes! Dark, chocolate, creamy cocoa, ebony, name it, but have you taken time to think about how to be happy in that skin of yours? Have you learnt about the type of make up that will perfectly complement your dark or chocolate shade? Or the kind of clothes to wear?
Chill, Rama de Jesus has it under control.

Rama is a model and a level 200 English student of the University of Education, Winneba. She is here to take us through all we need to know about the black skin. In the following weeks, she will show us how to make our skins glow using her first project, which she has named SHADES OF THE BLACK SKIN and themed KNOWING YOUR SKIN AND LEARNING TO LOVE IT. 

She aims at using this project to help black women find confidence in their natural skin, be comfortable in it and be proud of it.

Follow her on:
Instagram: @rama.dejesus
Facebook:Rama De Jesus


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