KNUST!! This Is The Best Time To Be On Vodafone X

Are you on Vodafone X and not yet on Vodafone cash? There is a great opportunity for you. Just pass by the republic hall forecourt, there are Vodafone personnel who will help register your number on Vodafone cash. Once you’re registered, you will be given a coupon to enter into a draw. You stand the chance of winning play station consoles, microwaves, pressing irons and other electronic gadgets. The winners will be rewarded on Saturday at the repu forecourt

From Friday to Saturday, the Vodafone 10 cedi shop will also be active. You can get amazing stuff for only 10 Ghana cedis. In addition to this, there will be an ‘all you can eat buffet’. You have the chance to eat all you can for only 5 Ghana cedi. All payments must be made via Vodafone cash.

You can’t afford to miss the excitement this weekend. Buy a vodafone X sim and get activated on Vodafone cash at the republic forecourt or any Vodafone personell around campus, and stand the chance of winning something big.


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