What Comes To Mind When You Hear The Word ‘University’?


All of us had this thought or imagination about a university when we were still eating from our trunks and chop boxes back in high school.


So we had a little chat with some random students and this is what had from them:

RICHLOVE: ‘That’s where your life begins’

LUCKY: ‘Errr… Freedom from home, parties, cool friends, sexy boyfriends’

SHADE: ‘I was expecting plenty money because I have to fend for myself’

NANA OWUSU: ‘Fun, chilling, no more learning too much, old lecturers, more sleeping’

PREMPEH: ‘University will be like a free zone, you do what you want, no bro dey pressure you’

MAAFIA: ‘You think it’s going to be more fun, drink ups, relationships, the thought of university is exciting you think that’s your future’

SALMA: ‘Herh listen! When I hear university I’m like oh God freedom. No running to the dining hall, no roll call like I’ll have enough money to cook whatever food I want’

SAMANTHA: ‘Well mine is bunch oo! You know, no one forces you to attend lectures, you attend when you want to, you study one course for the sem and you’re done so it’s easy parrh, you can wear anything you want, you can always party anytime you want so far as you get money, if you fail sef you can do fa wo to b3gye and have high grades, you can have sex all you want no one cares’

KELVIN: ‘chilling oo nana, chilling! Lol but whatever they said they lied’

Well, these are some of the response we had from people, you can see most of them are all about fun. Yes, you can have fun but like what someone said, it depends on your pocket, and make sure you don’t forget your books too because that’s why you’re there.

You can comment and add yours too, what comes to mind when you hear the word ‘University’?


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