Brag Alert: 10 Things PRESEC Has That Other Schools Don’t Have


You know that feeling of satisfaction when you own a couple of things that no one else has right?



Our Blue Magicians, according to them have earned the bragging rights of being the best boys school in Ghana because they have a couple of things that no other school owns.

To satisfy our curiosity, we decided to ask them the things they claim to have exclusive rights to.

Oh boy and the really gave us a tall list, but here is a shortlist of 10 points.

They have Smart Students

Image result for presec legon

True or not?  Was the best WASSCE student not from St………………ok ‘nvm’.

They have the highest number of Doctors and Engineers per square meter


As to how this is measured we cannot confirm or deny, please. Did they use the Ghana Post GPS or SnooCODE?…

They have the highest number of MPs in parliament including the Speaker of Parliament


They have received the highest number of National Science and Maths Quiz Awards


They are the only school with the only and most flamboyant Alumni Center



They are the only school with a solar-powered gatehouse and an electronic notice board


They are the only school running a Mentorship programme for their old boys

Black mentors

They have the biggest school programme which is the Bonfire Night and Candle procession

Image result for presec bonfire

They are the only school surrounded by universities


They currently have the strongest high school alliance with Aburi Girls’ Senior High School (PREGISS)

Image result for pregiss

We will like to be on the fence as spectators and watch anyone who wants to battle this do so.

To our Presecans, if there is anything we left out please let us know and to the rest if you have your list ready kindly let us have it!


  1. Since when did PRESEC start to boast of bonfire, strong alumni and mentorship programmes? For starters, Achimota School set the stage for the whole bonfire thingy and only God knows how many they have had since its inception. When it comes to strong alumni, Achimota and most likely Mfantsipm have the strongest networks in that regards. Same applies to mentorship programmes and when it comes to occupying government positions none has surpassed Achimota school.Perhaps, not to sound too bias their assertion about having the greatest number of doctors and engineers, may or may not be true. I don’t have statistics to corroborate or back that claim. But don’t get me wrong, it’s fair to admit PRESEC is one of the finest schools one can attend and yes they have earned some bragging rights by producing a greater chunk of respectable people in society but lets be fair to call a spade a spade. So, yeah, there you have it.


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