We Can’t Think Far: 15 Tweets About Presecans

Lemme hear you say “Ɔdadeɛ” ☺️. We didn’t hear you oo. Say “Ɔdadeɛ” again. Awww! Kuulpeeps! You smart, you loyal. Let’s go straight to the point now.  Before we begin, take this:

So we gathered some tweets about the Presec boys. Enjoy!!

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1. Lol! They are faithful boys ☺️

2.  Hello! First-year Presec boys how do you dress like?

3.  When your Presec boyfriend finally sends you a letter… #ABuGiss fuor w) krom.


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4. Someone tell this hater anything a man can do a woman can do better


5. The “Ɔdadeɛ” boys are sharks too…


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6.  Lmao! How is this even possible?


7. What is that supposed to mean?

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8. If you are too good you are allowed to ‘rosh’!!

9. Lol! How true is this?

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10. A word to the wise…

11. So true

12. When holla season barbs you;

13. No doubt about this


14.  Even Rick Ross loves Presecans

15. These P.E teachers tho!

If you thought these tweets are funny, then wait for our post on the hilarious tweets about Presecans. Continue checking our High School Of The Month tab.


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