Here Is Why Uber Services May Never Be Available In Sunyani

Sunyani, also known as the Suncity is the capital of the Brong Ahafo Region. It is the fifth most populated metropolitan area in Ghana and is known to have lots of taxis and less troskis.

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Uber is in Accra and Kumasi and it’s normal they would soon expand to other major cities in the country. However, the Suncity may not be able to enjoy the convenience of Uber, for now.


This is mostly due to the fact that, Sunyani has way more taxis than troskis and grabbing a taxi to any destination within the city is just 1.60 pesewas.

Don’t shout.

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Moving from the main town to any location outside the city is also just 8ghc. So you see why the Suncity is not ready for Uber yet? Unless there’s a sudden surge in prices which is highly unlikely, then Uber is not welcome yet.


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