This Ɔdadeɛ Is Capturing His Way To The Top

Kuulpeeps is all about Presec this month and UEW isn’t left out of the Ɔdadeɛ takeover.

We’ve been looking out for Presecans who are transforming the society in different ways as they add value to themselves and to the nation. In our search, we spotted one who was armed with nothing but a camera.

Kevin Asare is a third-year Graphic Design student at the University of Education, Winneba and an affiliate of Simpa Hall. He majors in Photography and he is the CEO of Kevas Photos.

Kevin has always had the passion to take pictures and always loved the arts but he gives credit to his roommate Jeffrey Kesseh for talking him into professional photography.

Talking about his days in Presec, he believes Presec really helped him a lot and believes his time in the school shaped him into the person he is today. Being a blue magician gave him confidence and eliminated shyness. This gave him the courage to take risks and most importantly the school taught him how to live and to relate to different people.

This Ɔdadeɛ believes photography today is not just the mere photo shoots for weddings, birthdays etc. but the art and notion behind it. Kevin believes photography can help make our society better by capturing and exhibiting what we have and what we’re made of through our culture, people and places.

Know an Ɔdadeɛ we who is also making waves in his field of expertise? Just let us know in the comments section.


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