Kuulpeeps, You’ve Got To Meet This Ghanaian Heartthrob Who Is Making Waves In Asia

Sam Okyere

Kuulpeeps, we apologise if we haven’t served you any eye candy lately.

Our Odade3 month seems to have refocused our attention.

But don’t worry, we are here to serve you with some of the good stuff now.

We were just minding our business on Instagram, you know, checking up on some celebrity tea with our own extreme level of intuitive stalking when we repeatedly came across pictures of Okyeame Kwame and his ‘saucing’ family’s trip to South Korea.

Yeah, the Nsiah-Apau’s have been slaying it big time in Asia.

Dipping in a sauna soon….. About to turn the heat up!!!!

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And if you’d been paying attention to the photos then you would have seen Sam Okyere.

Yep, Sam Okyere is the tall dark heartthrob who has been featuring in Okyeame Kwame’s photos in Asia.

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Samuel Okyere, 26, describes himself as an entertainer. You might not know him in Ghana but he is a big movie and television star in South Korea.

Sam went to Seoul in 2009 on a Korean government scholarship and he has since turned into this African celebrity who is really making it big in South Korea.


Caption this. : @general_ishmael

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He is regarded as one of the most influential foreign entertainers in Korean show business. His aim is to bridge the gap between Korea and Africa and change South Korean misconceptions about Africans in general.


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Yep, he is doing his own Ghana to the world, Asia version and so far, he has been really good at it.

Move past his good looks, his physical features and you’d see this Ghanaian migrant in South Korea who Forbes Asia has identified as one of 30 under 30 Influential People in Asia.

According to Forbes, Sam gained fame for his wit, jovial attitude and expressiveness of his points of view.

Yep, we can’t complain about how he is representing Ghanaian culture in Asia. Sam’s Instagram is lit with lots of pictures.


About that life. #572

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Ladies, if you’re having a boring day, just go on Sam’s Instagram, scroll through his 770 posts and you’ll know why it’s a blessing to have eyes.

Listen Kuulpeeps… flesh and blood did not reveal this to us, oh.

Sam has a heart of gold too and he demonstrated that by helping to raise funds and build a school in Ghana.

Exactly about a year ago, through the help of World Vision Korea and many wonderful donors, I was able to put up my first school in Ghana. Education is the key to a successful nation. It is for this reason why we must invest in our future leaders. Each child deserves the right to quality education. #education for al children. @worldvisionkorea 일년전 월드비전 코리아와 많은 후원자들 덕분에 첫 572 학교를 설립하게 되었습니다. 모든 아이들 수준 높은 교육을 필요합니다. 배경, 나이,성별, 모든 차별없이 모든 아이들 학교를 다녀야합니다. 이 꿈을 이루어질 때 까지 열심히 노력해보겠습니다. 여러분, 늘 항상 응원해주셔서 감사합니다. #educationforall#educationforallchildren

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Need we say it? He is a Kuulpeep!!


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