Binge: 6 Typical Guys You’d Bump Into In A Club On A Friday

Binge Party

Friday nights are specifically for chilling.

It’s an unwritten rule. Go argue with your bed.

And no-one knows this better than guys.  Like what’s better than getting together with the boys boys for some fun?

Now if you’re someone who loves to obey this rule, you’d remember seeing at least three of these guys in one of your many trips to the club.

The Gnasher 

Binge party

This one didn’t come alone but all his friends have found some ass to twii so he’s got no choice than to sit and tweet about how much ‘fun’ he’s having.

The Fresh Boys

Binge party

Yeahh there are a lot of these at the club but we are talking about the fine ones who know they’re fine so they outchea stroking their beards squinting at ladies and licking their lips…

The Ballers 

Binge party

These ones are the ones who came with all the money! They buy the most expensive tables and charley, forgetti your money cos they’d buy all the drinks and buy your girl too.

The Loud ones.

Look around. See that one with two bottles in his hand? Yeah that one! Doesn’t matter how loud the music is, he’s probably bragging about how some artiste called him just this morning or how how he can easily get some girl. He’s usually tipsy before the real jamming starts. He will definitely black out by the end of the night.

The Raver 

This one came to chillllllll and he will not be stopped! He probably won’t buy drinks but charley, every song that comes on, he will dance! He’s on everyone’s snap.

The Konkonsa Boys

They will talk about everyone and anyone in the club. Especially the girls. They barely do any dancing and have one drink in their hand from 11pm to 5am.

Which one are you? Which one have you noticed? Lol if you haven’t really observed any, here’s an opportunity for you! You get to have fun and also prove that we are lying…or not.

Binge party

Call your friends and save the date – this Friday inside Soho!




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