Social Media Posts By UEW Students That Got Us Feeling Someway…

Another Monday huh!

That means we have to give you the social media posts we spotted during the last week and we will deliver for sure. Here we go!

@linabyrony posted this #faceoff selfie on Instagram and we’re crushing. Someone said something about girls in beanies?? That they’re ghetto and cute??

Girls, your MCM showed us that guys are closer to their mums than you think. Yaw Boakye Otis shared a photo of himself and his mother on Facebook. #songoals. But she looked like she was going to church. Nana Yaw, you don’t like going to church or what?

Well, we really dunno if it was the plantain leaves, the skies or the person in the selfie which actually got Kobe Blankson shared this selfie on Facebook with a rather deep caption.

Now, this post just got us. It was a Facebook post by Nana Qwasi Kesse giving a touching testimony on his ordeal on November 4th and his second shot at life. Apparently, second chances are real! #mysecondchance

What else can we say about this picture? All we can say is…wow kukua_gh ! Picture speaks loads for itself


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