Meet Mama Tess, The Longest Serving Food Vendor At Presec

Presec, Mama Tess

Yes, Ɔdadeɛ, get ready for another nostalgic Presec moment.

This month, we have been giving you flashbacks and making you relive your time at Presec.

If you ate at ‘Goase’ – The Presec bush canteen- then you’d know Mama Tess. If not for anything at least for her food.

We know you probably have never spoken to her since you bought that Rice and stew and you intentionally forgot to pay her.

Kuulpeeps know we will be doing a great disservice if we don’t to talk Mama Tess in this Ɔdadeɛ month so we did.

Join us for our chat with Mama Tess:

Kuulpeeps: Mama Tess, please serve us rice, chicken, spaghetti. It should be GH5 please.  We understand you have been selling here for some time now.

Mama Tess: Yes please. I’ve been selling here since 1990. It seems like yesterday but we both know that’s a long time ago. You probably weren’t born then.

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Kuulpeeps: ei… 27 years of selling food at Presec. You must have interacted with a lot of the students who are now big men today. Have you been selling the same kind of food since you started working here?

Mama Tess: I’ve been selling rice and stew ever since I started working here, and I’m still selling the same meal. Everybody likes rice and stew.

Presec, Mama Tess

Kuulpeeps: Mama Tess, that’s a lot of years of experience in cooking rice and stew. Can you share with us how you ended up selling here at Presec?

Mama Tess: Yes, sure. I like to. You know, I used to work in a hotel before I arrived here. One day one of the residents came in with a policeman because he had lost his money in the hotel. I was arrested, together with one other employee. After I was bailed by my husband, I decided not to go back to the hotel, so I spoke to Mr Yeboah, the then Agriculture teacher and he agreed that I could sell rice and stew since no one was selling that. 27 years later, I’m still here selling the same thing.

Presec, Mama Tess

Kuulpeeps: In the professional world, 27 years is a career lifetime for most people. Has selling rice and stew at Presec paid off?

Mama Tess: I’d say it has been quite profitable because three of my children have graduated from the university through this same business. In recent times, the number of vendors here has increased but by God’s grace, we’re all able to sell. At the end of the day, everybody makes enough sales to take care of our families.

Kuulpeeps: Mama Tess, please add one meat to the food… Since you’ve been here for some time, you should have some memories, can you share one with us?

Mama Tess: Presec is a very good place to work. Memories are made every day. I’m very happy with the way the students relate to me. It makes me so happy and when I finally stop working here, I’ll be grateful to every student who has ever bought my food. They have helped me provide for my family and I hope I have also helped them.

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Kuulpeeps: You’ve been working here for over two decades, can you tell us some of the major changes in the school?

Mama Tess: The infrastructure at the school has changed. The student population has increased, but as a food vendor, I’d say what has changed here is the number of vendors. There are more vendors now hence business has been a little bit slow.

Kuulpeeps: You have served so many boys over the years in this school, but have you served any of your children here?

Mama Tess: Yes I have, by God’s grace, two of my boys attended Presec and I’m so glad they did.

Kuulpeeps: Thank you for the food and for talking to us. Now, we want to taste the food that Presecans have been eating for 27 years.


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