An Alleged 50-Year-Old Gay Man Was Mobbed After He Was Mistaken For A Thief At Valco Hall


UCC was thrown into a near state of chaos on Monday when an alleged homosexual was apparently caught in the act.

It is gathered that the duo included a man who is probably in his early 50’s and had been pursuing a male student, affiliated with Valco Hall.

The persistent pursuit on Facebook and WhatsApp had eventually led to today’s visit on campus. According to reports, the older male attempted to perform sexual acts on the student after he realised that they were alone in the student’s room.

However, the student allegedly rejected the sexual advances and he called for help. Other students from the E-block came to the aid of the student who was yelling for help from his room.

The situation quickly descended into a mob attack on the older man after the students assumed a thief had been caught in the act. Their conclusion was based on the cry for help they had heard earlier and other noise from other students who were closer to the scene.

In a sad turn of events, the alleged thief, now thought to be a homosexual was mercilessly mobbed and manhandled by the students till the 50-year-old man was whisked away by the hall securities and kept from further harm at the Porters lodge-Enquiry desk of Valco Hall. will keep you updated on this developing story.


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