80 Facts About PRESEC You Probably Didn’t Have Any Idea About Even As An Ɔdadeɛ

Presec Odade3 tree

This month, Kuulpeeps.com is putting a major throwback on Presec. Don’t ask us why, we will do the same for your school too.

As we celebrate Presec this month, we want to share with you 80 facts about the Blue Magicians school we think you should know about.

Why 80 facts? You will know the answer when you get to the fact about the year it was established.

Yes, you may hate Presecans and so it’s good to size up your competition.

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The school was formed under the Presbyterian church of Gold Coast.

The progenitor of the school was the Basel missionary

In 1937, 5 Presbyteries agreed to pool 10,000 pounds to start the school

On 1st February 1938, the school was formally opened.

One of the founding fathers, Johannes Zimmerman, finished the Ga translation of the bible.

J.L Anang was the writer of the school anthem

The school anthem is entitled ‘’Happy Are We’’

PRESEC is a staunch Christian school that has morning and evening devotion as well as Sunday services

PRESEC was once a building that housed the German missionaries

PRESEC started with 16 students and 4 teachers

PRESEC was stationed in Odumase Krobo for 30 years before moving to its current location.

PRESEC moved to Osu temporarily before finally settling in Legon

The Ɔdadeɛ seedling was planted 40 years after the school had been founded

The school has 90 faculties

PRESEC has Aburi Girls Senior High School as their sister school.

Legon PRESEC started with only 4 student boarding houses

Engman was 35 years old when he headed PRESEC at the start.

The current head of the school is Lady Queene Asiedu Akrofi

In 1968 the Legon campus received its first batch of students

PRESEC initially had female students

Lucy Quist
Former Airtel CEO, Lucy Quist attended Presec

The presence of the two girls at the beginning was as a result of the establishment of a National Science College on PRESEC grounds.

18 girls were admitted for the first time in 1975

The first girls’ senior prefect was Christine Aduamah

Girls who were admitted were made to sleep at Accra Girls

In 1976, a staff bungalow was converted to a dormitory for girls

All girls were kicked out of the boarding house in 1985 due to inadequate accommodation

Girls served as ushers on ceremonial days

In 1996 the last batch of female students left the school

Only students between the ages 14 to 19 were admitted to the school

PRESEC had already won five times in the National Science and Math Quiz by 2009


PRESEC  has had the same photographer for over 40 years

The Ɔdadeɛ tree is a symbol of resilience and endurance

The Ɔdadeɛ tree became a platform for many students to carve out their names

Presec Odadee tree

Father Ɔdadeɛ is the name given to the giant baobab tree on the PRESEC compound in Odumase.

No fruit was allowed to desecrate the sanctity of the tree

Agomenya was a market made available to students to purchase needed provisions in Odumase

There is an annual bonfire organized for the old boys of the school

PRESEC enrols up to 3000 students every year

Rev N. T Clerk was the first synod clerk of the school

The first senior prefect of PRESEC was E. Owusu Parry.

Students of PRESEC are popularly referred to as BLUE MAGICIANS or PRESECANS

A student who is put in charge of dining hall affairs is called the Chief Boarding Officer.

The dining hall of the school is Dome shaped {The Octagon}


The land on which the school was built was initially not free for acquisition as it was under litigation between the stools of La and Teshie

The school was established in 1938

The motto of the school is In Lumine Tuo Videbimus which means, in thy light we shall see light.

Presec Odadee

The school has 10 houses.

Kwame Nkrumah played a vital role in the establishment of the school by deciding that government provide the money for rehousing.

In Odumase, 95% of form 1, 2 and 3 students lived in rented houses outside the main compound.

The form one extension house which was called London house is now House 6

There were 14 bungalows for masters on the school compound

The school clinic is now called the Golden Jubilee clinic

There was no playing field even after 2 years of existence

In September 2011, the school won the maiden edition of Coke Hit Single competition (High School Musical)


House 9 was nicknamed Yaa Asantewa house because of the pink coloured sports jersey they wore then

The Jersey was later changed to Brown

House 7 was identified as the perfect house as all prefects came from there or were sent there.

Currently, the common market of the school is called Mangoase/Goase

The classroom block (E) is identified as Afghanistan as it’s deserted from the school and serves as the disposal ground for broken furniture

House 10 is the newest house in the school

PRESEC took part in many educational programs overseas.

The first female music tutor was Miss Elizabeth Apori

PRESEC at a point admitted disabled students and made adequate provision for them

PRESEC produced the current Speaker of Parliament

Mike Oquaye, Presec

The school’s clinic was originally manned by the students’ first aid volunteers directed by a housemaster

Dr. Adjei Odjidja of the 1960 year group played a major role in the renovation of the clinic

The PTA runs and administrates the Jubilee Clinic

The library was usually referred to as a reading room because of its small space.

At the early stages, the library was able to accommodate only 2 percent of the student population.

Ghana’s longest serving Finance Minister, Kwesi Botchwey,  was a student of PRESEC

Presec, Kwesi Botchwey

PRESEC is noted for its excellent ability in sports especially when it comes to basketball.

PRESEC was home to international triple jump champion, Andrew Owusu.

Andrew Owusu, Presec

In their first-ever certificate exam, 6 out of the 9 who took part passed.

The Synod committee was put in charge of the financial problems of the school

The study of physics in PRESEC is very effective with the use of modern equipment

Even without the needed tools and materials in the genesis of PRESEC they still managed to excel academically.

There was an era of water shortage where boys went to Kpong to fetch water.

PRESEC once faced electricity crisis and had to rely on lanterns

The PRESEC Old Boys Association also forms a part of the school’s administration by donating needed items from time to time

The PRESEC Old Boy Association is referred to as ‘’Ɔdadeɛ’’.



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