PHOTOS: Yvonne Nelson Has Confirmed Pregnancy And Baby Rumours

Yvonne Nelson Pregnant

Yep!! It’s all true, Yvonne Nelson has a baby.

It has been one of the biggest celebrity controversies of the year.

Ghanaian actress, Yvonne Nelson was reported to have been pregnant and even given birth in an Accra based hospital.

Yvonne Nelson Pregnant

Though she never categorically denied that she was pregnant and had even given birth, she succeeded in creating the impression that those media reports were just another blogger attempt to generate traffic to their website.

In a leaked InstaVoice message, Yvonne Nelson reportedly said “There is so much I want to say but I don’t know what to say, but I guess when the time comes I will update all of you about stuff that’s happening in my life… but I am fine and as usual, I would say I’m blessed that I’m alive.”

“I know you guys have itchy ears, you wanna hear all the juicy stuff but in due time I will address all of them. My day has been hectic, it’s been different,” she said.

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But today is her birthday, Yvonne Nelson is finally telling the world that she is indeed a mother.

She put a baby bump photo on her social media accounts captioned: “WOW! IT’S MY BIRTHDAY The BEST year of my life! The best birthday GIFT ever! Looking for a miracle?? Just look around you….it’s there. He’s present in everything.”

Yes, the “GIFT” is her baby girl, Kuulpeeps!!

In an interview with Wow Magazine, Yvonne Nelson said, the father of her daughter is British and not a first-time dad.

“He is super happy and very supportive. I admire how amazing he is with kids and I respect him for that. He takes very good care of me,” she said in the interview.

Yvonne Nelson Pregnant

Marriage is scary but of course, I would love my child to have a dad around. We would have to have the ideal family setting. As I said, I can’t marry myself, so yeah when it happens I will be glad. I don’t want to put pressure on anyone,” she added.

Funny enough, Yvonne said she had rejected a marriage proposal from a boyfriend who proposed to her on her 30th birthday in Italy.

Though he would have been a good husband Yonne says, she refused to marry him because he wanted her to move to London and she couldn’t do that.

“He is somebody I would have loved to have a family with but then he wanted me to move to London. My whole life was going to change because of him and it’s not something you should do, you don’t have to change your whole life because of a man, because of your marriage.”

“I had been praying for a man like that, I had nothing I was doing in the UK, so I decided that I just had to chill, maybe see what the future holds and keep praying for someone else to come around.”

Yvonne Nelson Pregnant

“It’s quite funny because someone proposed and I didn’t even get to have a baby for the person and this person who hasn’t proposed I’m having a baby for him. So it’s a vibe, it’s friendship, it’s understanding, it’s how happy the person makes you, it’s not about someone putting a rock on your finger.”

Congratulations Yvonne, tell us when the baby daddy puts a ring on it!!


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