Let’s Bring Back Your Presec Memories With These

Hey Y’all Presecans, since we are already giving you major high school throwback all month, let’s take you down the memory lane again.

Nothing scary, just those places you probably had those experiences that you made your friends take a vow to never talk about what happened again.

Do any of these ring a bell?



For the day students, this was their dining hall and boarding students had the luxury of buying food from Goase if they didn’t feel like eating from the dining hall. Getting a meal from Mama Thess or any of the food vendors was everything to look forward to when it was almost time for lunch.

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Statue holding a Torch

For every student that passed through the school, the story of that statue never changed. It’s called the Luminus Statue. Truthfully, it will scare you in the first year but after you get familiar with the school, you will just come to know that this was another pathetic fallacy because there was no way the statute will say “zook the torch gimme, make aflip next page”

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 Classroom Blocks


As to why they had the names Afghanistan, Siberia, Red Block and Science Co nobody knows till date. However, with where they were located, it was understandable for Afghanistan and Siberia to have their names because they were very far from the regular classroom blocks and the people who wanted to learn extra used to go there. Red Block was red block only because the building was painted red. Science co was the praying field for the prayer warriors. They used to go there to ‘kabay’ and ‘kabo’ for themselves.

Favorite Bounds Breaking Gate


This place was known to the notorious ones. The only business you would have here is if you are going to break bounds. If not then we don’t know what you will be looking for here.

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Presec, Paradise
How it looked like then
This is how some of the new Paradise look like now

All the sitting areas in the various houses were known as paradise during visiting days. Only because that was where you received your visitors alongside all the food and money and provisions you looked forward to.

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House 7 Third Floor (Prefects Floor)

Presec, House 7

This floor is the floor of no return. You must be a junior with a tough skin to be able to sail through this floor because if you get on this floor di3333 walahi you will not leave the same.

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Bore Hole

Before all of the huge polytanks that are currently on campus now, this was the borehole that served as the source of bathing water for the whole school.

Board Room

If any of you entered this room it was for three things; suspension, “deboardnization” or dismissal. This was where the disciplinary committee met to deal with all the recalcitrants.

Assembly Hall

Presec, Old Assembly Hall
The Old Assembly Hall
The new Assembly hall

Aside from the assembly sessions and the church services on Sundays, the assembly hall held a lot of cupid-inspired memories for some people because that is where they met their crushes during freaks and funfairs.

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Seriously, share those fond memories that you just recollected with us in the comment box below. You can draw our attention to anything that we missed.


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