Kuulpeeps!!! Welcome To The Ɔdadeɛ Month


Guys!!!!!! Welcome to a new month with the Blue Magicians.

PRESEC is our high school of the month.

All we want to do this month is pull the school apart, alphabet by alphabet!

Find out what the fondest memories are for those who went to the school

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Find out what they miss the most about PRESEC

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Give them the chance to brag a little about what they have and the gentlemen they have groomed.

Talk to all the people who directly or indirectly made PRESEC a home for students while they were there; from teachers to housemasters to tailors to food vendors to matrons to everyone you can think about!

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It doesn’t just end there though. We are going to be bringing back all the dance videos, rap cyphers and throwback pictures that you are hiding from us.

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There would also be quizzes to determine whether you are a true Ɔdadeɛ or whether the school should refund your fees to your parents.

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For those of us who didn’t attend the school, we get to learn new things about the school, refresh our memories about what we already know and also tease them about what we have heard about them.

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This is definitely not the month to stay away from Kuulpeeps.com

Click here for all the amazing content we have put together for all the Ɔdadeɛ and all those who secretly want to be Odadae


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