We Had A Chat With Freda Rhymz, A Methodist Uni Student, Now MTN Hitmaker Season 6 Winner

Freda, MTN Hitmaker

Did you know that Freda Rhymz who just won MTN hitmaker season 6, is a student of Methodist University, Dansoman Campus?. Yes! Methodist University is shining and we’re proud to have the Queen on our campus.

Freda Rhymz is a Level 400 Theatre Arts student at Methodist University, Dansoman-Ghana

We caught up with this freshly mint celebrity for a very short convo.

Freda, MTN Hitmaker

Kuulpeeps Methodist University: Hey Freda, we’d like an autograph from you… Yeah, you’re a star now. Would you care to tell us something about yourself?

Freda: I am Freda Baffour Awuah, born and bred in Sunyani, Brong Ahafo Region. I am from a family of 7, my mum, four brothers , my sister and myself. I am the last born. I started nursery school at Glory Day Care in Sunyani. I continued at Miracle Preparatory School and stopped in class 4. Then I continued at St Anthony of Padua and completed JHS there. I went to Dormaa Senior High School and currently in Methodist University.

Kuulpeeps Methodist University: Wow… Thanks for the bio there. You said you were born and bred in Sunyani? But you live in Accra now presumably just for school?

Freda: I moved to Accra to do music and also attend university

Kuulpeeps Methodist University: You said your name is Freda Baffour Awuah, who is Freda Rhymz?

Freda: Freda Rhymz is the musician part of me. She loves rap music and hopes to make a mark on behalf of women in that genre. lol… judging from what is happening now, I think Freda Rhymz is doing quite a good job. Wouldn’t you agree? (Laughs)

Freda, MTN Hitmaker

Kuulpeeps Methodist University: OMG!! We totally agree with you. You are such an amazing artist. How was your journey in MTN Hitmaker season 6?

Freda: The Hitmaker journey was more of a roller coaster ride. On the first day I nailed performances, second week I nailed again and won Best performer. Nailed the performance that same day only to be up for eviction on the 3rd week. It hit me hard and I almost lost it. I thank God I was able to pick up during the finals and nail the performances in the manner that won me this crown.

Freda, MTN Hitmaker

Kuulpeeps Methodist University: That must have been a lot of emotions knowing that you were nearly evicted for the performance that also won you Best Performer that night.

Freda: Yes, you bet there was.

Kuulpeeps Methodist University: What are your plans after being crowned the winner of MTN Hitmaker season 6?

Freda: Now I need to work, that’s the only thing that would accelerate plans. I will be coming out with singles and huge collaborations soon. Kuulpeeps, you guys should watch this space.

Kuulpeeps Methodist University: We will and we are rooting for you!!! Thanks for the chat, go drop some bars in the studio.


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