Vandals Threaten Court Action Which May Lead To A Hold In This Years UG Graduation

The Graduation Ceremony for students who completed this year is scheduled to come off on the 16th, 17th and 18th November.

Before the ceremony, the University usually releases a list, which contains the names of students legible to graduate. Every year, some students don’t make the list due to various reasons, usually academic related.

This year, former JCR  executives of the Commonwealth Hall, the President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary have threatened court action against the University of Ghana because their names have not been included in the list of graduating students.

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According to them, the University has blocked access to viewing their grades as a result of an incident that happened earlier this year.

In February, students from Commonwealth embarked on their usual procession through campus without permission from the right authorities. This procession led to a clash between the Commonwealth Hall boys and some residents of Alexander Kwapong and Hilla Limann Hall resulting in the damage of some school property.

Speaking to Radio Univers, one of the former executives confirmed that about 7 students were apprehended and sanctioned by the University’s disciplinary committee for their actions and insisted that they had nothing to do with the procession.

Sources confirm that the executives did their part by going to face the disciplinary committee after they were served letters of allegation, but have not received any update from their hearing since April 19, 2017.

The University has been given today as a deadline, by the students’ lawyers to add their names to the graduating list or face court action, which may lead to an injunction on the Graduation ceremony scheduled to happen in a couple of days.


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