UCC Implements Free Shuttle Service For Students


The SRC of UCC has implemented a free shuttle program on an initial pilot basis. It started operating on Thursday 9th November 2017.

The pilot will continue for as long as the SRC is able to gather enough information that will be necessary to facilitate the full implementation of the programme.


However, the pilot nature of the FREE SHUTTLE programme has not been the concern of most students, a majority have expressed their satisfaction and the excitement the free shuttle has brought.

Of course, some have also started asking whether the free shuttle is indeed free at all?


Has it not been billed at an exorbitant cost per student? And will it not increase the fees for the next semesters, considering how flashy the buses are? These are just some of the questions students have started to ask.

Well, for what it’s worth, the majority of the students are extremely glad that at least they have a ‘free’ shuttle.

All those questions are forgotten when they hop onto the very nice looking, colourful new buses with chilling air condition. The on board WIFI  is not functioning yet though.


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