These Are The 10 Types Of Students You Can Find  In Every UCC Class

You’ve probably been with them for 4,3,2,1 year(s) now or for our fresh Kuulpeeps, it’s been just a couple months but it’s UCC and we are certainly sure these students do exist in every class: from Actuarial Science to to the  Social Science classes to the fee-paying Medical students. Nonetheless, we are going to confirm your observations.

  1. The “no ideas” students

These students just don’t have any idea about the lectures they attend. Looking for an answer to a question, the lecturer would call out, “yesssss the boy in the blue shirt.” Then “sir, please no idea…,” comes the reply. “okay the girl in white,” the lecturer tries another. “No idea…,” from the girl too. Charley, sometimes they have the answer, but they just don’t want to talk in class. Sometimes too, they really have ‘’no idea’’. Makes us wonder if they at least have an idea of why they’re in uni.

Kim Kardashian

  1. The silent ones

They just don’t like talking to anyone including the lecturer; they keep mute even when they have been asked a question… naa they just won’t talk. Very silent. Nothing can get them to talk in class.

Kanye West

  1. The brilliant heads

Of course there are the very brilliant heads, after all, it’s UCC. These are the saviours of the day and they are just brilliant like that, they know the answer to every question. Frankly, it feels they’re the only people in the lecture hall.

Brilliant person

  1. The Flirts

This squad though, they can make every one of the opposite sex feel someway bi. They get the most hugs when school reopens and charley, they just have their way like that. If they come near your crush then you know the game is over.

Drake, JLO

  1. The politicians

Not your typical NPP OR NDC, they just have an agenda of their own, either they want to be your departmental president, hall president or sometimes they just want to be room heads, but still they have to grab the mic before lectures and launch their campaign.

Student politician

  1. The sleeping kind

They are the “wood is better than mattress” people.  The definition of eye red. herhh..Some have extreme sleeping capabilities you just can’t fathom.

Sleeping in Class

  1. The every lecture is a red carpet event ones

The slay kings and queens. Whatttt!!!!!!!! Dress to kill and we die for it. They just don’t spare lectures, lecturers and students. They slay!!!!

Black student

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  1. Today is also yesterday

Look, there are just some people that make today seem like it was yesterday, because you’ll see them wearing their clothes from yesterday. They rocked it today and be sure tomorrow you will see them wearing it again and you will wonder if you are not counting your days right.

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  1. The choristers

They do not really have any talent in singing but you can’t prevent them from singing along when the lecturer asks a general question. True or False? TRUEEEE!!!!

Do you understand? YESSSSS SIRRRRR!!!!!

Image result for yes sir, gif

  1. The groupies and selfie-takers

They just love taking pics. Their phone is always out and they have a frown on their face during lectures. CELT is their favourite venue.


Which group of students do you belong to? Let us know!!!


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