Here Are The 10 Types Of Girls You Will Meet At Uni

The more time we spend on the internet, the more we realize we’re all actually living the same lives in different bodies, houses, countries and definitely different schools. We’ve never followed stereotypical judgement but as sure as you’re on a university campus in Ghana, you’re bound to meet these 10 categories of girls. It’s fate…


  • She drives a Benz and her wealth (or perfume) can be smelt from a mile away.
  • She’s a princess at home and won’t settle for less than royal treatment, which is why boys are intimidated by her.
  • If you have to think about whether or not you should approach her, you already know the answer, don’t.
  • Most of her friends are leeches who are only using her for free rides.
  • She’s probably not very beautiful

Daddy's girl


  • She’s known for her Twitter/Instagram handle.
  • Social media is her life, she will literally die if her selfies don’t get enough likes.
  • Cares too much about what people think.
  • She peaked in university, so forever continues to live off the attention of others.
  • All she cares about is being popular so she’s probably a fake bitch
  • She will date or befriend whoever she has to, to get popular

Blac Chyna


  • Although quite similar to the social climber, don’t get confused, they’re not the same.
  • Tries very hard to keep up with a lifestyle she can’t afford but we can all see through the fake Fenty slides and lopsided weaves.
  • Has to take off all the extra piercings and anklets before going home for the vacation, cos her parents will beat her ass.
  • Very loud and annoying and loves to make a scene.



  • She can never answer a simple question without slipping into a Bible verse.
  • Tries to wake you up at 5 am for praise and worship
  • She’s either “married to Jesus” or “married to her books” when you ask about her love life.
  • Judges you for using the f-word.
  • Is a firm believer and sender of chain messages.

the good girl


  • Always has her nose in a book.
  • Doesn’t have time for any drama.
  • She’s high-key a savage (If you don’t understand her insults you’re probably dumb)
  • Don’t try her, she will beat your ass



  • She’s a very kind person, the mother figure.
  • Has been with her boyfriend since she could walk.
  • Always getting cheated on with uglier girls and everyone knows it but her
  • Can never wait for class to end so she can cook and clean for her boyfriend and his friends.
  • Doesn’t go out because her boyfriend doesn’t approve even though he’s always out.
  • Is also a fucking idiot.
  • Suffers from low self-esteem and often settles for less than she deserves.

black college student


  • Always high
  • Cool with everyone
  • Doesn’t give a f**k
  • No time for drama
  • Always lost in thought
  • Knows all the undercover spots
  • Somehow manages to get good grades

stoned black girl


  • No one knows what school or hostel she’s in.
  • Always in a friend’s room “visiting”.
  • You probably don’t even know her name and if you do, it’s definitely an alias.
  • She’s a little weird in a creepy way.




  • Skips half the semester
  • When she actually bothers to show up, it’s always late.
  • Kind of dumb
  • She’s only in school cos her parents said she can’t stay home.
  • Quite invisible

bad girl


  • Always has full face makeup
  • Has very intimidating eyebrows
  • Looks and acts older than she is, she’s probably younger than you.
  • Always being dropped off in different luxurious cars
  • Definitely has a sponsor
  • Should not be messed with

 Nicki Minaj

More often than not, you’ll meet girls that fit into more than one category, sometimes, none at all. This is because things aren’t always what they seem. University is a place to discover who you are and maybe meet some lifelong friends, so do away with the misconceptions and get to know people before you judge them.


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