A Snake Has Been Found And Killed In A Girls Room In Jean Nelson Hall


Just this morning, a snake was found and killed in one of the rooms on the first floor of the Jean Nelson Aka Hall.


Terrifying huh?

Kuulpeeps met Nana Ama, an occupant of the room and the one who found the snake. Surprisingly, she was all smiles, and trauma free!

Some of you, 3 days after seeing a spider…

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Nana Ama admitted she was scared when she first saw the long green snake lying there in her washroom. She was temporarily confused, but was rational enough to run out to get help.

On a floor that is occupied by only girls, lol who’s going to kill that snake?

Fortunately, she found the Hall’s barber, Weezy in his shop, which is just a few meters away from her room. Turns out he’s not only great at trimming hair but also fearless and quick to help hall occupants.

Yes guys…he killed the snake.

Other guys when they see a snake…

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Nana Ama also admitted that this was not the first time seeing a snake in the room.  Yhup.. Barely 3 weeks ago, her roommates and herself found a snake in the same place. It was smaller and after reporting to the hall’s authorities, the room was fumigated with a snake repellent.

This time, again, the repellent has been sprayed in the room.

We hope this time it’d repel the snakes for good!

The Hall’s executives have since called for students to keep their balcony doors closed often and to make sure that the drains in the washrooms are sealed.

But if you want to go the extra step, look behind your room; are there weeds and trees too close to your balcony? If yes, look sharp and send a report through the right channel in your hall. Trees and overgrown weeds are great hiding places for snakes.

Notice any cracks or crevices in the foundation of your rooms? Pester the Hall’s Maintenance to fix things ASAP so no snake crawls through.

If you have a mice problem in your room or hall, you know what to do! Report it so something can be done about it, because mice are great food options for snakes.

Kuulpeeps! Stay safe!! We hate to think what the worst case scenario would have been.



  1. Hahaha.. ….it’s normal to get scared at first…u know. But it is very good if we dedicate a little of our time into learning about animals. I’ve been watching this snake show on Nat geo wild for some time now and I’ve really learnt a lot. That slim green snake with black dots or stripes on the back is called a bush snake. It is completely harmless to mankind. It doesn’t bite humans. It only eats lizards and other insects and smaller rodents as its food. They are very common in bushy areas in cities or even villages and don’t get too shocked seeing them. They are all over. I don’t blame the students for killing it because if i didn’t know I would have been freaked out for sure. But they are harmless and so the next time you come across snakes like that…..kindly throw them back out…..to some far place. I know it might be difficult…. especially for we Ghanaians. But they also have life in them and deserve to live if they will cause us no harm. You can search for them on the internet to see if what I’m saying is true or not.
    Lol…..don’t be too shocked at the answers you see.
    I’m also at Nelson. But let’s just hope that the next time…..it’s not an African Black Lambs that finds its way into one of the rooms. For they are the deadliest!!!!


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