Problems You Will Face In College And How To Deal With Them

College is an amazing place to create some of the most adventurous, and fun memories. The student life has its ups and downs. Everyone is unique in his/her own way and so are the situations they find themselves, but there are a couple of problems most college students go through perhaps once or twice in a semester.

For the freshers, this is a kick starter for you on how to deal with some of these challenges which might come your way.

  • Homesickness

Problem: Whether they admit it or not, most students at one point during the semester will get homesick, especially the international students in Ashesi. Ghanaian students in Ashesi don’t usually feel homesick because they can go home during the weekend or even on a regular basis.

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Solution: A remedy, if you’re an international student would be to ask friends and family to email, audio/video call, or send care packages. This will go a long way in reducing the feelings of homesickness. The Ashesi Community on its own is a wonderful support system. There are lecturers who are easy to talk to, there is also a counsellor by the name Aunty Dee who is very helpful and always available. There are other students who might be going through the same emotional stress as you, it would be a great idea to share your experiences.

  • Time Management

Problem: College is definitely a challenging place to be on your own. Most of the college courses offered here at Ashesi require a lot of effort than what you offered in Senior High School. At Ashesi, you cannot major in one course, since it is a liberal arts school. The maximum credit a student can take a semester is 4.5 and a student is allowed to take a credit of 5.5 if and only if his/her GPA is 3.3 or above.

Solution: You should know your limit. If you cannot take an extra course, don’t register for it. During your time in Ashesi, you should learn to balance the 3Ss. These are Sleep, Study and Socialize. You can always trade between any of the two but it is advisable not to trade study for any of the ‘Ss’. You should always have a plan. Plan out the activities, assignments, readings, and anything you’ll have to do in the day on a vision board or in your mini book which you can carry around.

  • Broke Levels

Problem: Money is a vital part of the college experience. You need money to go out with your friends, to buy sweets or the new Ashesi branded sweatshirt. On the other hand, tuition fees and Ashesi Student Council dues are rising. These also add up to the cost of housing, meals, supplies, transportation.

Solution: Here is your recipe to managing your debt this semester. Try and get access to a student loan from the government of Ghana. For newbies, do apply for an Ashesi Scholarship Fund or a MasterCard Foundation Scholarship if you get the chance to apply, this doesn’t apply to continuing students and freshers. Try and get a work-study job on campus. It is advisable to create a budget for the semester.

We hope these solutions helped.

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