SCREENSHOT: Medikal About To Tour Campuses??

It always starts with a Snapchat screenshot!

Well, our snooping eyes went roaming around the underbellies of Snapchat and of course, stumbled on something interesting on Medikal’s Snapchat…derr norr we screenmunched the distin!

This screenshot speaks loads, but we had to get confirmation.. good news is, it’s confirmed news! We suddenly saw the screenmunch on KBAJ’s CEO’s Whatsapp status…a reliable source.

So, even though we aren’t confirming anything, this does raises questions. Is Amg Medikal coming back to make amends??- You know we got history! Is there an impending AMG campus tour?? Is the poof gang ready to “disturb” UEW?? Well…let the screenshot speak for itself.

Kuulpeeps, spiling tea everywhere..We out!


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