Here’s How To Save A Life By Just Growing A Beard

The whole of October was dedicated to Breast Cancer Awareness. Now it’s November and November comes with the hashtag, #NoShaveNovember which doesn’t exist solely for the purpose of getting guys to grow their facial hair but also to raise awareness on Cancer.


Movember Foundation (no it’s not a typo) is a foundation in the UK dedicated to tackling Men’s health all over the world. So we are talking about prostate cancer, testicular cancer and any health issue that concerns men.


Now, Djokosoft, a brand that sells beard supplements, is hoping to use its influence in the bearded community to help push the Movember movement here in Ghana.


So for all of November, DJoskosoft is educating not just men, but everyone on the causes and preventive measures of prostate and testicular cancer.

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In addition to this, they are raising funds to help in the screening and purchasing of equipment for a selected healthcare facility dedicated to treating Prostrate and Testicular cancer.


The fundraising and sensitization will take place in November and the donation will finally take place in December.

So guys, let that hair grow wild and save up that money you would have spent in grooming to donate to a just cause. Ladies! show your support and donate to save a brother’s life. Follow @Djokosoft on all social media for all updates and make your donation here.


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