Video: Checkout Drake’s Reaction After A Fan Threw Her Bra At Him

The boss of all ‘fuck boys’ is back in the news!

This time around, Mr Graham was seen holding a bra on the stage.

Over the weekend, at Drake’s Boy Meets World Tour in Auckland, New Zealand, while the Canadian rapper was on the stage, a woman took off her bra and threw it at him.

Drake - Fan Throws Bra On Stage, See His Reaction

Just like the bad boy that he is, he didn’t get angry, but rather his reaction to the incident was something else.

He picked up the bra and this was what he said…

“Whose titties are these?
…I’m a single man and i need this 34-F. Let’s find out who’s titties these are. Is it you right there? I want to talk to you later.”

Watch the video in full:

You’d want to hide your girl from him.


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