You Can’t Get Over These Top 5 Social Media Posts UEW Students Sent Over The Weekend

The weekend is the time to have a perfect guilty-free social media enjoyment.

UEW students like other uni students took to social media to share their emotions and experiences last weekend and we decided to share the five that either left us in gags, emotional and can’t get over.

Model photo

Asare Abyna Philivia posted this black and white picture on Facebook and it is screaming #ModelGoals. Bigups Abyna!


Elikem on Twitter decided to send God a message and the reply on that tweet was well…what we will like to call mild-sarcasm. Just mild enough.


Wow! This art post by @themanyphacegod on Instagram was all the artistic inspiration we needed.

Aunty, they’ve been entering the DM without having DM courtesy err?? @NaaAbah on Twitter was bored..the guys..learn common DM manners.


Photographer, @_fotome posted this shot on Instagram and we can’t wait to get married. The picture is absolutely flawless…it’s in black and white too…


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