This Is Why This Mother Donated Her 3-Year-Old Son’s Eyes

This story won the sympathy and support of many across the globe. Ayden Brown is a three-year-old boy from Las Vegas who struggled with lung cancer for 3 years of his life till his unfortunate demise on Friday, November 3rd. The emotional story of 3-year-old Ayden has touched people to contribute more than $250,000 to a worthy cause.

Boy in Hospital

Ayden was a very normal baby. His mother, Lindsey didn’t notice anything wrong with him until he was 13-months-old. On one of her returns from work, she saw Ayden playing in the hall and he looked as if he had just finished running a mile or two.

Lindsey made a medical appointment right away but had to go back to work. Later that afternoon, she got a call during the second half of her shift. His paediatrician told her to take Ayden straight to the ER. She met her mother at the hospital but had no clue why they were there. When Lindsey took Ayden out of the car, he looked as if he was almost passing out. A few moments later a doctor informed Lindsey that Ayden had pneumonia and was taking him to surgery right away to remove the fluid in his lungs.

Ayden Brown with his mom ohn his death bed

Eventually, Lindsey Licari, Ayden’s mother set up an organization called the Aydens Army of Angels after she realized that her son now had two tumours in his lung even after chemotherapy.

This organization was set up to be of assistance to all who had their children admitted and being treated for cancer. A couple of weeks after the foundation was established Ayden lost his battle with cancer.

Lindsey then annouced that his eyes will be donated to kids in dire need of it so they could see the world through his eyes.

Though Ayden lived a short life, through Aydens Army of Angels, a lot of other kids living with cancer will be saved. One other kid will also get the rare opportunity of seeing the beautiful colours in the world through his eyes.


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