This MOBA With A Life Threatening Tumor In His Eye Needs Your Help

One of the saddest things in life is to see potential go unrealized. To see greatness cut short. Indeed, it is perhaps one of the greatest tragedies of man’s existence.

We are faced with a conundrum. What must we do when we see circumstances threaten a young life? We must rise up and do what we can whether or not we are personally affected… we must rise up simply because this is the very fibre of humanity; love and compassion for one another.

This is Thomas Quayson….

(Viewer Discretion Advised)

This old student of Mfantsipim School has been diagnosed with a maxillary sinus tumour, currently with extensive intraorbital and periorbital involvement in his left eye. In plain language, he has cancer on one of the cavities of his facial bones and it has currently spread to involve his left eye.

Thomas is a teacher by profession but stays home now because of the disfiguring nature of his affliction. His personal and family finances are woefully inadequate, as a result, after preliminary assessment at the Central Regional Hospital, he has been unable to seek the further appropriate healthcare.

It is not clear as to the extent of the spread of his tumour, beyond what one can see externally. He requires a reassessment by a multidisciplinary team of medical personnel. From a non-medical point of view, one cannot say for sure what the outcome of this assessment will be. However, his condition is deteriorating rapidly and he needs all the financial help he can get.

Please call these lines, ‭‭+233 26 210 1842‬ or ‭+233 50 137 0031‬ if you want to help. Thank You.


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