These Legon Law Students Are Painlessly Smashing The ‘Booklong’ Stereotype

Normally, it is thought that law students are unsociable people. They’re hardly seen around and the best place to catch them is in the library.

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Sometimes, people meet them and they’re like… ah, you’re still here??

Well, we all know they’re ‘booklong’ people; they are the sharks, they are boring people, they don’t know what fun is…

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These law students are not just living in the library, they’re kicking ass doing some pretty amazing stuff out of the Law school.

Abena Adweeda

Law Student

You have probably heard of her. She’s in level 300 and a full-time musician! And if you don’t believe this, I understand. How at all does she manage her time to actually go to the studio to record music every semester and perform shows under her stage name Abii Keren. She sings, plays the guitar and the piano.

Law Student

She’s on IG as @abiimasterpiece.

Law Student

check out her music and prepare to fall in love!!


She’s in level 400 and like a superhero; a law student in the day and at night – an artist.

Law Student

Take a look at genius:

art art art

Hit that follow button and think of her when you need a portrait!!


 Nana Ama Deedah Addo.


Law student and a model. She’s your perfect muse and spends most of her time in the Library.

model model

She’s got a great IG profile too!

Prince-Michael Senyo Glover

Law Student

He’s also called Prinskino Glover and swears he is up to try anything.

He is part of the famous UG Pax Romana Choir…

Law Student

A fashion freak, and is currently in fashion school while still studying law. He’ll soon be a certified model.

Law Student Law Student Law Student

He is also a blogger and a sportsman for Elizabeth Frances Sey Hall’s Volleyball Team. You can follow him on all social media platforms as @prinskinoglover

See? You don’t have to feel limited just because you’re in school studying a demanding course. Pursue your dreams and focus on your studies too. It’s not impossible.


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