These Fashion Accessories Are A Must-Have

Looking for the right clothes for lectures can be a hustle, let alone fashion accessories. For those who are looking forward to slaying that outfit without doing too much, here are a few must-have accessories for your wardrobe:

  • The Choker

Chokers have been in season for a while and they are here to stay. There are different types of chokers. There are ones made from African print, other fabrics, threadlike ones, as well as metallic ones. Look for the one that you feel comfortable in.

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  • Scarf

If you don’t have a choker or perhaps you don’t feel comfortable in them, then scarves are what you should go for. You could wear scarves as a belt, or waist piece, a head gear, or even as a kimono. Be creative and style your scarf as you please.

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  • Bandana

Bandanas used to be in trend in the 80s, but now they are more trendy than ever. You could rock your bandana on your head, as a neck piece, or as an anklet. It brings out the funkiness and youthfulness in you.

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  • Beads

Beads could be fixed on braids to add that ish touch. You can fix it anyhow you want it. Just be creative about it.

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Beads could also be made in the form of anklets. It brings out that glow and pop in your feet.

Hope I have helped the fashion newbies to get their A game on.

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