Here Is What Went Down At The Grannies Tasting Party

Wednesday was definitely a lituation distin. Amid the Ashesi Fashion Week, Grannies had her tasting session to introduce the Ashesi Community to the Grannies brand.

There is no sumptuous and meaty shito like Grannies, and the Ashesians can attest to it.

For the Grannies Tasting Party (GTP), students, staff and faculty got the chance to try the shito with various meals such as:

  • Plain Rice
  • Sausage
  • Elaborate Gari Fotor
  • Hot Juicy Kenkey
  • Hot and Spicy Sausage Rolls
  • Bread from Bread Boutique

Art by: Gloria Sekyere

Co-owner of Grannies

There were also original Grannies shito on sale, as well as Grannies branded mugs

Grannies!!! Womp3 wei na wop3 di3n (If you don’t like this what else do you prefer)



Staff and Faculty were present to show their support



Students from the various year groups came to show their support



The various meals on display


Grannies ensures it satisfies its range of customers. Those who prefer the mild flavor, and those who prefer the hot flavor. Grannies is basically for everyone.

Try Grannies and your taste buds will never feel the same again

Photo Credit: Wayne Gakuo and Elvis Okoh-Asirifi





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