Trump’s Twitter Was Deleted And The Internet Is Going Crazy

Donald Trump
Donald Trump

It seems the internet is fed up with social media.

This morning, Whatsapp stopped working for some time for some unknown reason.

Before that happened…

… the Twitter account of the almighty Donald Trump was deleted last night; at least for a few minutes.

It was that simple, if you can’t impeach him, just delete his Twitter account!

Twitter announced that Trump’s account was deleted due to an error.

Twitter later announced that the account was deleted by an employee who was leaving his post.

This was the best way of saying ‘to hell with this job!’

Who is this unnamed hero? Can we make a donation to him/her already?

Anyway, this got a lot of people in a good mood.

Talking about bonuses, you can send any amount to my Vodafone Cash (0500002203) so I transfer it to the unnamed hero.

Thank you.


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