Kuulpeeps!!! Watch EL Perform “Shelele” Live On Nitro, The Live Session And Put Some Respek On His Name

Nitro, The Live Session, EL


“Yoo l3 eb)te club 3 mli, shelele, aba ni aba boily y3 club 3 mli, shelele 3na me n) ni a draw ni3 mli, shelele shelele, shelele, shelele, shelele.”



We are jamming to EL’s groundbreaking live stage performance at Nitro, The Live Sessions, right now!!!

It’s pure, as EL takes his previously known hiplife songs and turns them into all new highlife classics.

All of us know “Shelele” has an Azonto rhythm, but EL made a whole new rhythm for this song. While performing live on stage, EL’s voice becomes this transformational spiritual entity that carries the upbeat musical rhythms of his hip-hop tracks into this almost serene spiritual zone of highlife music.

You only need to watch it to experience the magic we are talking about.

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Nitro, The Live Session

Don’t miss EL’s Couch Session tomorrow at 10 AM.


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