6 UEW Students Whose Instagram Accounts You Should Follow Right Now

It’s so easy to create a social media account these days.

The real problem is managing your accounts to be able to garner following. After all, the returns on spending your data posting tweets, pictures and snaps is for people to follow and like. These 5 UEW, we believe are gradually establishing  themselves in the social media world and have lit accounts …let’s call them our very own social media “celebrities”.

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He obviously needs no introduction right? Danso Sakyi is a yet-to-be-graduated UEW Theater Arts student. Chief’s Instagram is always buzzing due to his hilarious posts and captions. ..our own future President, as he calls himself. You can follow Danso Sakyi @_chiiief


Elikem is a fourth year student of the Geography Department. He is an online brand promoter and garners following through social commentary. Follow Strokz @iamstrokz


Lewis Kwabena Daahene is a fourth year student of UEW. The “Ace blogger” garners following from blogging, online brand promotion and marketing and consultancy. Follow Lewis @kwabenadaahene


Richmond is a first year Social Studies student and an online marketer. He garners following by posting quality photos consistently on Instagram. You can follow him @_richiiemond


Rama is a model and host of her own KubiLiveChat. Her amazing photoshoots automatically draws following. Visit Rama’s page @rama.dejesus


If there’s any devoted Sark fan, it is Sark Seven. Sark is an alumni of UEW and uses his social media to support Sarknation. Well, his efforts haven’t gone unnoticed as he receives constant shoutout from Sarkodie himself. Follow him @sark_seven

Think we left out anyone out? Let us know in the comments section.


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