6 Types Of Personalities You’ll Meet On Social Media

Most of us use social media as a form of entertainment, others use it for business purposes, while others just take everything so personal. Social media has created a category of different personalities that if it was not for social media we would not have known existed. Lets break it down.


The Chronic Commenters And Likers

These people comment on any and everything, you can post a picture of your big toe and these people will comment “Omg such beautiful toe you have, I wish mine looked like that”. Like sis relax.


The Grammar Police

These kind of people, eiii it is like when they see some grammatical error it makes their skin crawl and do not make the mistake of arguing with them when your response is filled with errors!! Girlllllll, they will read you quicker than you can say aah!! We all know how Iphones are so abeg chill on us a bit.


The “I’m Too Lit To Follow You Back” Crew

These are the people who will have 2k followers and only follow 10 people back. We are positive that your timeline is as dry as a desert, like whose pics are you seeing? Just yours? If you are that self absorbed, please look in the mirror 24/7, that might be better.


The Chronic Screen Shooters

You are asking what the purpose is right? Hmm, they send it in their group chats so they can talk about you with their friends. Honestly we are all guilty of this, hell especially if it is a common enemy, we will talk about you from your head to your fingernails. lol it’s a sick world we live in, but gossip is life.


The Shoot Your Shot People

These are the people that take ” It’s going down in the DM” too literal.  Hmmm if we do not block these people like the virus they are, they will bother you into a coma. But hey, people find their true love in their DMs so if you’re looking for love on the internet, then by all means entertain them sha.


The Lurkers

These people are the real creeps of social media, they have a page, the followers and everything, but they NEVER post nor upload any pictures and videos, yet they know everything that goes on on social media. SMH they just lurk gathering information and spreading it. The definition of a spy foreal.


Don’t deny it any longer. Each and every one of us falls into one of these categories. The question is, which one are you?







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