11 Sacred Tips For That Amazing Make Out Session With Bae


Making out is one of the favourite things young people in love or “like” love to do with their partners or potentials. But the truth is a lot is of people suck at it.

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So, when you invite that boy or girl over to your room this weekend while your roommates are home, keep these pointers in your head!!

Find a good setting

This should be a place where both of you will be comfortable, a quiet place that’s free from distractions, because your privacy is important to build a connection.

Relax, don’t rush

For a steamy and passionate make out session, rushing into it would ruin everything. Just chill with a movie, talk or hang out to first set the mood. You feel me?

Build sexual tension

Both of you may like or merely be attracted to each other but get this, what ever you guys do in that moment whiles hanging out can make everything so much sexier. Find excuses to get closer to your partner, say romantic and sweet words in your partner’s ears and in a soft voice and you know.. all of those selzy sturv.

Now that you’re ready, here’s where everything goes down…

Don’t just jump in for a kiss

Get real close to your partner’s face, look into their eyes, and if they’re attracted to you and give off that vibe, go ahead and kiss them softly on the neck or lips if you feel the moment is right.

Close your eyes

Kissing with your eyes open is weird. Close your eyes and feel the sensation. Makes your partner know you’re into it too. You wouldn’t want them to start second guessing themselves

Be slow and passionate 

Don’t let your libido carry you away. Slow it down once in a while even when things get heated. Makes it classy and ratchet at the same damn time! It’ll keep you thinking about it way after it has ended.

Try nibbling on the lip

Please don’t bite too hard.  Surprise them with a little nibble on the lower lip not so often, but once in a while. This makes it fun, aggressive and yet steamy.

Be careful with the tongue

Do not shove your tongue down your partners throat, no girl or guy likes that. Go slow with the  amount of tongue, flicker or glide your tongue against theirs. If you use your tongue, you have to work together with the person you’re making out with. One side can’t be doing all the work. Also, too much tongue makes things get slobbery and weird. So dearies, desist from using the tongue altogether if you’re not good at it or else things could go bad easily.

Use your hands.

Don’t just kiss. explore! Use your hands and explore all the places your partner would allow you to. Pass your fingers through their hair, run your hands on their back and hips, grab their butt, Do something! As long as your hands are not by your side.

Don’t forget the neck and take a breather.

The neck is one of the most sensitive parts of the body and important if you want to take things to the next level. You know what I mean. Kiss it slowly and sensually whiles making out and don’t just focus on the lips. It’s also a good way to take a breather too. It’s necessary to stop after a while to catch your breath, make eye contact and vocalize how good you’re feeling to your partner. This turns most people on and leads you to getting right back into it.

Change your location.

Don’t sit at one place all throughout the time. Many girls have fantasies of making out at various places especially public places. (did anyone say balcony?) Look, you can do it against the wall, or pick her up and sit her on a table so she can straddle you.. come on now.. there are many different ways and you know it.

But hey kuulpeeps, if you don’t intend to go to 3rd base, don’t even think of practicing everything here. Don’t! One or two should be enough to make your make out session great. But if not,  we won’t stop you from sending the “hey big head” text to bae.



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