If You’ve Not Met These 5 People At Lectures Then You’re Not In The University

The “universal-city” they call it!

Over here in uni, you get to meet a lot of people with a lot of personalities and issues. For those hours you spend in the hallowed hall of learning, we come into contact with a lot of people, but the five on this list, we all have met…ermm, if you’ve not met any on this list, you might want to check yourself because you might be the one.

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The Overzealous learner

This person makes us all feel like we are wasting our parents’ money. They have the answer to every single question asked, did research on everything on the course outline, submit their assignments on time and they’re super close with the lecturers…class shark. Now, the ironic thing is most times, their grades don’t match their contributions in class…huge gap!

The Non-stop talking machine

Woe betides you if you ever sit beside this person. They have something to say about everything and you’re forced to smile out of courtesy. They’ll talk about the lecturer, fellow students, their roomates, last night’s Kumkum Bhagya,..see, everything and don’t even try frowning because they don’t know when to stop! It’s not everyday you’re actually paying attention to the lecture but hey, you need the attention for that juicy Whatsapp chat. And please somebody tell them to get a Close Up! If you’re going to rumble about everything in the classroom, learn how to buy a Close Up toothpaste…dasorr

The One That Doesn’t Know How Much Deodorant Costs

It’s so surprising how people let bad odour bother them at this stage. If per chance the angels have touched your heart and you decide to pay attention to the lecture and you encounter this person, uncle and aunty, forget! Nothing will enter oo.. When they raise up thier hands, every knee and every tongue confesses.  Please Rexona deodorant is still selling..yes! Still 24-hr protection. Get one and let us breathe.

The Space Saver

Ever got to the lecture hall and not get a place to sit meanwhile there are empty spaces left, blame the space saver. They’re always early for lectures not because they’re going to learn anything but they just take delight in saving seats for their latecomer friends…Most generous, please do they award grades for that?

The One Who Always Gets The Class In Trouble

Just when we are all joking and teasing the lecturer, this one person will just hit the POINT OF NO RETURN button. They don’t have boundaries!! They either say or do something stupid which jutst turns the teacher off. Now, these people have superpowers. You’ll never find them after they cause the mess but there’s a clue to spot them-look out for the overgrown people and the smallish people. They’re always the culprit.

These fantastic five people are everywhere! If you’ve had an experience with any of them,  share with us in our comments section!


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