UEW’s Kevin Asare Captures Basic Photography Skills In This Tutorial Article

Kevin Asare is a 3rd year Graphics student and model at the University of Education and the CEO of Kevas Photos.

Kevin believes photography is pretty easy when you know the basics of the craft. Whether you’re using your phone or a camera, Kevas’ tips are sure to get you on track.

Framing is everything !

One major factor in photography is how you frame that photo. Focus your frame on the most important object. They are the things telling the story at that point, so make sure those shots are interesting. Pick a concept and get creative to make that shot gain its unique look, mood or feel.

Why don’t you put a little shine in it?

Another important element in taking photos is lighting. If the subject or object you’re shooting is not lit well, that shot is just not interesting, it has no reason to be called a photo, its just not noticeable as compared to the others. When you don’t have any other extra lights or knowledge about lighting, just go closer to a window and never let the sun hit directly unto your subjects when shooting portraits.

Werk your angles

You can’t just point your camera at anything, at any angle and take a photo of it. Just hold up! Take about 10 extra seconds to analyze that frame, think about the angle that could make the photo look cool when taken. Objects being laid down is best taken at waist level, take portraits at eye level etc. Just find a suitable angle different from the usual…Go on!

Normal is boring…Think Opposite

Maybe you normally shoot from one particular angle or people normally shoot you the same way. Now, think about that for a second and then just trash that thought…uhuh..Recycle bin that idea.  Think of a totally different concept, idea or angle from how everyone does it to always keep your photos interesting and unique…you’re allowed to think outside the box in photography.

Your locations are your photos

If you know what elements you really need or want in that shot of yours, go to that location, explore, have fun, don’t just sit in that room or office of yours and create it. Want some greens, get a garden or a green pasture, want the horizon, get to the beach and find that blue lit horizon. Your location inspires your photo.

Now, let’s whip out our smartphones and click away with these 5 tips. You can follow Kevin on Instagram @kevas_photos


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